Hi everyone:

Dad is home from the hospital and that is great news.  He still is a bit weak.  Thank you to everyone that send me emails directly.  It means a lot.

I didn’t want to give up on having more rare photos for the Take Me To A Circus Tent book.  After receiving one that had been used already from 1965, I was able to get the rare one.  This is not an alternate but a first time it will be shown in print.  I also got a cool Bob Harvey bluegrass photo from 64 and there is a photo from another member from 63.

This is what I am attempting to do.  Obviously we all want every CD, tape, TV show to be A+ in quality.  I did not want to let buried treasure stay covered any longer.  I did the following: All photos that I wanted to use for you fans to see are located in the spot of the book that I have selected.  I went with the idea that everything will look good enough when I get to see a proof.  I am going to do whatever possible that these photos can be used.  To have some of the images in your collection will be a great link to the special times of the past.

Have a great Wednesday and keep the questions coming.  It has been great to see the private inbox full as well as another email address of mine.

Thank you,
Craig  The Airplane Man   www.takemetoacircustent.net