Hi everyone:

I wanted to try to get an important point across, but first more importantly may the coming year be fantastic for you/friends/family.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to write about something that I have such a passion for the book on the Jefferson Airplane-Take Me To A Circus Tent.

I got an email from a nice gentleman at Word Press that a couple of people were upset that in my blogs I put my website address.  I was really shocked about this.  For one I had always hoped if you are not spreading hate or violence and are not attempting to sell an unethical product, you should have a right to post anything.

The average book in the USA sells 2000 copies.  98 percent of all authors have a second job.  They write for a wide range of reasons. 

I take care of my dad (He has been ill for the past 13 weeks).  By writing the book it gave me an opportunity to spend almost every minute with him during the illness.  The reason for the heavy promotion is not only that I want to sell books, but if I can get the word out to as many people as possible, the opportunity may come where the book can provide me with the ability to stay with dad during 2007 and not worry about a stranger taking care of him.

There are situations that are not always on the surface.  I didn’t want to ever upset anybody.  I do want people to know the reason I go to such lengths to post as much as possible about the book/website.

During the last 6 months of writing the book I spent 7 days a week, 12 hours a day making sure it would get out on time and every part of the results were fan friendly.  I took 1 day off in over 24 weeks and didn’t think of it as work.  It was and is an honor to have interviewed 32 people of the Airplane and family of bands. 

I hope this gives a background to you that makes it easier to tolerate if John Doe or Jane Doe do something that may not please you.  It isn’t to try to get away with something or see how far they can stretch the rules.  Jane and John have a creation that is part of them forever.

Thanks for reading and may all of you be well always.

All the best for a greatttttttttttttttt day,

Craig The Airplane Man