Hello All Jeffson Fans:

Hope the holiday season has been great.  I have to share a non-musical experience with you and then tell about 3 cool rare audio files for you great folks.

My dad has been ill as you are aware.  Thanks to all those that ask how he is (Somewhat better, thanks).  Dad is in a rehab facility about 40 minutes from home.  I go there everyday at 3PM and sleep over so he is not alone.  Monday night the rain was so bad it looked like a Florida tropical storm.  For some unknown reason the hour + it took to get to dad the driving was the worst I have ever wittnessed.  People tailgatting every second, some had no lights on and many going so far over the speed limit they have not been able to calcualte the MPH.  That hour was worse than all other driving history!

Here is the cool news on the Airplaneman’s site www.takemetoacircustent.net go to the audio section and there are 2 Crown Of Creation rough mixes and a demo of Starship!

Enjoy and have the best day ever and please drive safely,

Airplane Man