Hello all and early happy new year!

It is a tremendous experience to see reviews not only posted on the Airplane and Jefferson Starship boards, the publishers site but I saw one of the buyers of the book Rod Evans took the time to post something on the U.K. radio station XFM. 

As an author I try to use each day to do two things 1)Make sure dad is geting better 2)Market the book through emaails, posting boards, etc.

When people that have no relationship to me such as family or friend go out of their way to help with the promotion of the Jefferson Airplane book Take Me To A Circus Tent, all I can utter is a thank you 1 billion times.

A gentleman in the Chicago area Rick Smith did the same thing on the Oldies Music website.  He didn’t know me but was kind enough to list the book available with a picture of it and commented on the expertise that went along with it. 

You can spend a lot from an advertiseing budget but the best news I get is a positive review or post by somebody that I have never seen.

To all of you that have puchased the book Take Me To A Circus Tent in 2006, thank you so so much.  I hope it made your day a bit happier and you can look at it as a nice guide to all things Jefferson Airplane.  For those that are interested in getting it in 2007, thank you in advance.

An author doesn’t do a reader a favor.  The reader does the author a favor and so many of you fine people throughout the globe have done me the biggest favor yet.

As I leave now to see dad (He did better this week), have a safe and healthy new year and may all things good come to your door in 2007.

All the best,

Craig The Airplane Man

Take Me To A Circus Tent