Good morning all:

Welcome aboard Jefferson Airplane Flight 1.

I would like to thank a fan that sent in another 5 star review which is at the end of the entry today.

My dad isn’t doing that well and I can’t thank you the book buyers and fans for the nice emails wishing him well.  Certainly every minute I thank you for the support of “Take Me To A Circus Tent” (The Jefferson Airplane Flight Manual).

When you see your parent age so quickly and the quality of life has been drained, it rips your heart out.  I hope tha twe can get dad to have near the health he did prior to being ill.

The book and the website, emails and blog have helped me get through this a bit better.  Thank you all.

Here is a nice review.  Short and to the point.  Remember when you were young and birthdays were the greatest?  Once I turned 30, they weren’t as cool.

Have a great Thursday and thanks for flying J.A. to Rock & Roll Island.

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*****The Flight Should Go On Forever
Reviewed by: Larry The 60’s Guy Ladler (2/7/2007)
So the other day it is another birthday, boo hiss for me. Being old is no joy but………… There was a moment that blew me away. I got as a gift Craig Fenton’s new Jefferson Airplane book (I refer to it as the Jefferson Everything book) and it delivered the goods first class. I had read many great reviews and thought there had to be something to this. I didn’t pick it up and am sorry I waited until it came to me as a gift. The photos are so plentiful that if you want a treat the first time you open the book flip through all of them. To cover as much as Fenton did with pictures is worthy of a few stars but the main course is the actual attention to detail. How he got so much information into the book is a magic trick I want to know and the interviews are well constructed with knowledge, humor and the true fan he is. I could use big words from my college days but the best approach is this Get The Book. You’ll dig the question and answer segment, you will be glued to the photos and you will not be pulled away from the book when he gets into all the unreleased material that is documented for us. Way to go Mr. Fenton and I hope you have a book signing everywhere.