As I am about to put the finishing touches on 2/26/07, I thought I would see how you are all doing.  I hope things are fine.

Worked a good part of the day promoting the book “Take Me To A Circus Tent” from the inside of the house.  I have been fighting a virus (Went around the hospital where dad is).  The first few days I couldn’t even move.  It was an effort to check email.

Today I had the normal focus and drive.  It is such a tale of two cities.  Sounds like that would be a good book title, anyway…. (The book is the greatest experience possible and seeing dad confined to a bed is the worst). My poor dad is failing more by the day with his health.  The way the doctors talk it could be weeks, or months, but they don’t seem optimistic.  Actually they don’t seem much of anything.  So few of them show any empathy.  It is about money and not even hidden in the eyes.  A disgrace.  It doesn’t stop with the doctors.  The majority of the nursing staff thinks if they give you two minutes of their time, it is a crime. 

Our society for the most part is filled with people that don’t want to know, until it is their problem.  The same folks that couldn’t care less about dad, will never know how awful they are as people until they are in the same position.  Some how the heart escaped many humans.

On the music front I was happy to put a medley of 3 songs from Jesse Barish at the website  Jesse has a fine CD from 2003 called “Cherry Road.”  Jesse is a fine person as well.

You all feel good and remember family first!

All the best,

Airplane Man