Hello all and happy Monday from Airplane Land:

Hope you are well tonight.  I thought today it would be good to rant a bit about people that decide whatever they feel is tue is without checking facts.

Recently two things came to light that shouldn’t have surprised me but did get my head stuck in the wall.  A person claimed to have found the real first performance of Grace Slick with the Airplane and decided all the research for the past 41 years was incorrect. 

I made sure to receive a copy of the show.  Whle it is rather short, very enjoyable, and cool to have, it isn’t her first gig.  I put at least 6 reasons on the website under “NEWS” why this is the case http://www.takemetoacircustent.net

The other fascination came from reading a review where the person didn’t check any facts.  Whatever the typewriter decided to print was the final word.  Even the publisher thought there were acts of unprofessional conduct! 

When I went to school in the dark ages all the English teachers did their best to explain why we must check the facts.  While I am the first to admit I missed more school than most, that was one lesson I didn’t.

Any of you fine folks know about the steps to have Podcasts listed in all directories?  I have been able to create the show but the steps after have been a royal pain in the you know what.

Thanks as always for flying and be well,

Craig The Airplane Man