Hi all and happy Thursday.

Ever have a day that goes nothing as scheduled?  Wednesday I had a bunch of calls that I had to make for a project with the Jefferson Airplane book “Take Me To A Circus Tent.”

The phone rings 7:23 in the morning and that is never a good thing.  It turns out that I had to drive about 50 minutes to  help somebody out.  This turned into almost an entire day.

On the good music side.  I spent the entire night going through 3 Jefferson Airplane concerts that had not previously been authenticated for proper date and venue.  I was able to log all the information into the computer and the good news was 1 of the 3 performances had the proper date and location.  The other 2 had the right venue and city but was off a few days on the month/date/year.  At least there will be some happy Jefferson Airplane fans and the quality of the gigs were really good.  Between B+ and A-.

The events of Wednesday also prevented the recording of the 2nd Airplane Podcast.  I had put aside a few hours to record the show after I pick a cool rarity to play for you fine folks.  Any suggestions?

Still hard to believe dad has passed away.  As somebody told me recently when your parents are gone you go on but never forget.

May you all have a super Thursday,