Hi all from Jefferson Land.  Hope the weekend is going well.

Bob Harvey the original Jefferson Airplane bass-player is close friends with a musician Charlie Nimovitz.  Charlie has had a rough time of late fighting Parkinson’s disease and will need brain surgery.  Please have good thoughts for Charlie and when considering a charity next time around please consider something for those suffering with Parkinson’s.

We finally have basball season set to go.  The tough thing about losing a parent (Dad passed away March 10th) is many events that were done over the years will never be the same.  This will be the first New York Yankee opening game that we were not able to watch together since 1967.   Mom and dad you are missed more each second.

Rob The Tech Guy has been tremendous in helping with the Jefferson Podcasts.  Thanks so much.  The 4th one has 2 super rare tracks from the vault.  You can check out my website http://www.takemetoacircustent.net for the latest on all the happenings with the book, Podcast, and updated music tracks.

I hope to have some cool videos for You Tube before the end of Sunday.  If you never have edited video it is not quick.  Let us say you want to hear a Jefferson Airplane/Starship song from a DVD for me to put on You Tube.  The DVD must first be converted (Or at least that song) to a format you can edit and that You Tube will take.  After you do that you must make it look professional and take out any dead air or noise at the start and end of the clip. This takes more time as well.  The reward is when you get great Airmails (That is Jefferson for emails) of people appreciating the Allman Brothers stuff I put on You Tube with Duane or a 40 year old Airplane clip.  It is important we preserve the pre 1980 rock and roll!

Saturday spoke with two great people.  Tom Constanten one time member of the Grateful Dead and Don Aters one of the most famous rock and roll photogrpahers and Chet Helms best friend. 

If all goes well Signe Anderson’s long awaited website is getting closer by the day!  Rick The Webmaster (Jefferon Starship) has not been feeling well of late.  Please wish him well.  He will be helping Signe and there is no better person to do that.   I hope Signe is well enough to be able to answer Airmails.  She is a wonderful person.  It isn’t only her singing ability that makes her special.  She is a devoted parent, wife, and all around wonderful lady.

You have a great day and please keep the suggestions coming.

All the best,

Craig The Airplane Man