Hi all:

Hope the weekend has gotten off to a great start.  I had an interesting Friday.  First the music news.

If all goes well finally Tom Comstanten the former Grateful Dead keyboard player, the top rock and roll photographer Don Aters, and I are scheduled to shoot the video for our lecture tour promo April 22nd.  We each speak, take questions, TC plays a set of music and then meet and greet.  After recording ends we have to edit it to 5-8 minutes for agency representation.  It is an honor to work with those two, brilliant minds and quality people.

Since my dad passed away (Still hard to say that or type it) I am fixing up his house for sale.  Not me, I couldn’t draw a straight line with a ruler.  I waited all day today to get a bid on some work and the person wouldn’t give a firm price.  Not only was it something out of a Monty Pythom movie but an intentional waste of my time.

While I am waiting for the Non-Handy-Man to show and waste time I thought I would enjoy a bunch of Beatles DVD’s that were sent to me.  That would have been hard because they were defective.  Either they were blank, would freeze, or play in fast forward only.  One had great video, only trouble no audio. 

I put some great  videos on You Tube.  From George Harrison to Keith Emerson, and Allman Brothers to Taj Mahal.  Enjoy!

You be well and please enjoy the latest Jefferson Airplane Aircast from this week.

Thanks for flying by,

Craig Fenton