Hi everyone:

Hope things are well.  Before I get into the music news, my heart goes out to anyone that it dealing with the Virginia Tech horror in any capacity.  The worst feeling is being helpless.  We can change so much as a person, people, nation, and world but are powerless to rewrite history. 


For you fine folks that grew up with or have an appreciation for the amazing sounds that were part of the music world in 1967, there is a way you can make a summer weekend be 5 STAR’s!!

I had the opportunity to speak with the

promoter (Andrew of the I.E. Artists Group) of the

40th Anniversary Summer Of Love Festival at Monterey. 

There will be a tremendous 3 days of music and a journey to the past July 27-29th, 2007.

If you are interested in Sponsored Partnerships at Corporate Level or know of companies

that would like to be part of the festival please call 510-317-0373.


Thanks as always and look for a new Jefferson Aircast soon,