Hi everyone:

How have you been?  Had a tremendous three days in the beautiful city of Louisville, Kentucky.  Had never been and was deeply impressed.

Tom Constanten formerly of the Grateful Dead, Don Aters (40 years taking rock and roll’s finest pictures) and myself had a lecture.

I was able to discuss the Jefferson Airplane book “Take Me To A Circus Tent.”  Don Aters talked about the music scene in the 60’s to the present, and Tom Constanten life with and without the Grateful Dead and he performed a few songs for the fine folks.  One highlight was his version of Cold Rain & Snow!

Tom had played the previous 2 days in Chicago and then late Sunday surprised a cover band in a bar (near Louisville) and played a set with them!

There were so many people that were a great help to us every step of the way:

Juergen Tassmann from the Bunbury Theatre (louisville)

Dawn Haggard (Singer/Songwriter) If she weren’t so talented playing music she would be the best sales/customer service person ever.  She introduced herself to everyone and took an interest in what they did.

Joee Conroy-Sign Waves- Louisville

The band called Purple Back Pocket, thanks to Jack Pendergrass (bass)

Joel Timothy-Musician

The flight was delayed 1:12 minutes coming home.  Nothing would damper the fun.

Everyone have a great Tuesday.

The website will be updated soon as always and a new Podcast will be not far behind.

All the best,