Hi everyone:

A quick note for the You Tube fans.  I put up a cool jam of Jack Casady and Jimi

Hendrix from 68.  Enjoy the memories.

How was the weekend?  I often get asked about interviews for the Jefferson Airplane book “Take Me To A Circus Tent” which I am always honored to do.  Many people did not realize the other services the Airplane Man is available for.

One of the exciting projects I am part of is a lecture tour with two A+ individuals as well as voice training for professional work, help with public speaking, etc.

Here is what I wrote on the website to make sure it doesn’t stay a secret.  Please spread the word if you know of people interested in the following:

Interviews, lectures, voice training and public speaking (How to do it best)

are all things the Airplane Man is ready for!


Besides being available for interviews and quotes I am involved with several exciting services:

Tom Constanten the former member of the Grateful Dead, a man that speaks 6 languages and has taught at two colleges, Don Aters the great rock and roll photogrpaher for 40 years, the best friend of Chet Helms and the man that completed a Masters Program in record time, along with myself

Craig Fenton (Author of the Jefferson Airplane book “Take Me To A Circus Tent” and a former radio disc-jockey) are now lecturing.  The formula that Don thought of worked has worked exceptionally well. (2.5 to 3 hours)

I speak about the Jefferson Airplane & “Take Me To A Circus Tent”

Tom Constanten talks about life with and without the Grateful Dead

Don Aters gives a rock history lesson of the San Francisco scene in the 60’s and some Chet Helms Stories

Tom Constanten plays a solo set of music on the keyboards

We take questions and answers from the audience

The conclusion is a meet and greet with a prize or two given away

The lectures are not only for colleges.  We are available for the

rock and roll art galleries, music stores, record shops, corporate environment, concert facilities, private parties, clubs, and festivals.

Contact me please if interested.


If you are in need of voice training for professional work ranging from losing a regional accent to

improvisational speaking techniques please contact me.  As a former disc-jockey and long time public speaker I set up individaul training and not the

one size fits all approach

Contact me please if interested.

Thanks and always be well,

Craig The Airplane Man