Hi from Airplane Land:

How are you tonight?  Hope you had a great weekend.

I put another great Herb Greene photo of Grave Slick circa 66 on the website in the Photo section (Page 3 bottom).  http://www.takemetoacircustent.net

A new Aircast will most likley be recorded in the next few days. 

I haven’t thought out the theme yet because my sister and I put dads house up for sale this week.  It was another reminder how much both parents are missed.  Mom and dad would be proud of the two of us for making sure the property looks great and for researching the real estate agents in depth.

Is there a reason I have to be reminded that I am old?  I am so old in fact that yesterday somebody asked me my age and I added one year by mistake.  I thought about it and it didn’t matter.  After 29 it is all the same.  You could be 30 or 50 it still is old.  Over the past couple of weeks I had recieved some very nice emails (Thanks) asking my thoughts on various rock bands and albums from the 60’s and 70’s.  I put a bunch of reviews on Amazon dot come and the last one I did happened to be Renaissance from the King Biscuit Flower Hour.  The record was recorded in 1977.  I finished the last few words of the review (A really fine effort) and it hit me that I was listening to the King Biscuit shows way prior to 77.  Not only do I remember the event from 30 years back, I go even further into the cave.

There is one good thing about being old.  I was able to grow up with the most amazing rock and roll ever and the best radio.  The memories of going to purchase vinyl on most Saturdays all over the Tri-State region of New York City and attending the record conventions are pretty special.  While the records did come with pops/clicks, the covers were the size the human eye wants to view something. 

A Roger Dean cover from a “YES” album gets lost if it is the size of a postcard. 

Being ancient I am attempting to stay up for the entire Yankee/Red Sox game tonight.  Why is another question.  The Yankees are currently as good as post 1977 music.  That my friend is as bad as being old.

Be well always,