Hi there and happy Sunday from Airplane Central.

A few things please.  First as always hope you are doing well. 

I had gotten requests to put some rare Spencer Dryden photos on the website and was happy to do that for you fine folks.  http://www.takemetoacircustent.net

If you go to Page 3 of the photo section they are there for you to enjoy, thanks to the legendary photographer Herb Greene.

Normally I write about the Jefferson Airplane and Family but have to get a plug in for the latest project from Billy Sherwood (YES).  It is called “CIRCA” and he was kind enough to send me an email the other night.  It is real progressive rock and not the watered down version from the 80’s on.  The band has the original “YES” keyboard-player Tony Kaye.  As mentioned the sample I heard was really strong.  Look out for the CD and let us hope they have great things happen.

Back in Airplane land- Marty Balin and Slick Aguilar had a show last night.  They have been doing a few gigs per month and they sound terrific.  If you should have the opportunity to see them alone or as part of the Jefferson Starship you will be very pleased.  Marty will play a bunch of summer gigs with Paul Kantner and David Freiberg as part of the Jefferson Starship!

Remember the Jefferson Aircasts with rare songs are normally once per week.  Check in with your friendly neighborhood Airplane Man for upcoming treasures from the vaults. 

That is it for now.  Have a great day and be well.

All the best,