Hi all:

Happy “Fathers Day.”  This is the first one without my dad so it has been very different.

As you are aware Signe Anderson the former singer for the Jefferson Airplane on the first record has been fighting cancer.  The medical bills and stress has taken so much from her savings and heart.

If each one of you could even give 1.00 it would help greatly.  We have posted on the Jefferson Airplane and Jefferson Starship Message Boards because of the urgency.  Here is a letter from Signe to better give you an introduction to the hell she has faced.

We often think that I can’t make a difference.  We can.  Every bit of money she sees means we tried to help somebody that is in need.  People are all over their heroes when they are on top but if hard times come around, they seem to all of a sudden look for another person to latch on.

Please give this serious thought and do what you can.

Thanks and be well always,

craig the airplane man


Thirty-four years ago I survived uterine, cervical and bladder
cancer.  Double radiation & double chem gave me an extra 34 years.
Twelve  years ago I underwent triple, abdominal, vascular by-pass
surgery to save  my legs.  I walk.  Three years ago I developed edema.
Before they properly  diagnosed my condition, they destroyed my kidneys
and my liver.  I’ve made  great progress to date.  My blood toxins and
ultrasounds relating to both  kidneys and liver are good.  I’m holding
my own.  Physical therapy for nine  months gave me back my legs.  When
I thought I was over the hump, could  actually see a light at the end
of the tunnel, I was diagnosed with breast  cancer.  I have undergone a
radical mastectomy, and a secondary lymph  surgery.  The only treatment
available to me (liver friendly) is Arimidex  an estrogen stopper.  It
is liver tolerable but carries with it very  painful side effects.
Joint and bone pain.  Because I already have  arthritis the side effects are devastating.  Yet there are no medications  available to me
for the paid or the arthritis which are liver friendly.  I  have good
days and I have bad days so I just live with the pain.  My  salvation
has been my garden.  I garden on my backside.  Now mydilemma..  We got a “no cause” “termination of tenancy” which is due to
be  up on Wednesday, June 13, 2007 (To stay any longer we must file court papers).  Physically and mentally I believe
a move  at this time will kill me.  I am trying to fight it and if I
lose I have no  means with which to pay a first, last, deposit, moving
expenses and I find  that it is necessary to swallow my pride, survivor
though I am, this one is  just too much for me to handle without help
from some friends.  I need to  generate funds with which to accomplish
a miracle.  If you are able to  help, please mail me such
funds to me at the address below
My love,

Signe Anderson Ettlin

4702 SW Luradel St.


Portland, Oregon 97219

Please make check to : Signe Ettlin