Hi I’m Craig Fenton host of the Jefferson Aircast Number 17.  Please join me as we give you one great tune from the vault and read your Airmails.  Please listen so you can help Signe Anderson the original female singer in the band.  Fighting cancer and a losing battle with the bank account has left her in a poor frame of mind.Enjoy the Aircast #17 and please do what you can to help Signe Anderson!  A legendary Airplane track and one of the most overlooked songs from the band!

Wooden Ships (alternate take) W/”GO RIDE THE MUSIC”  > JPP McStep B Blues (alternate take) W/”GO RIDE THE MUSIC”  

Wally Heider studios in S.F. 3/28 to 6/30/69.


Thank you in advance for helping Signe.  Please note if everyone gave even 1.00 we could make a tremendous difference.


Always be well,