Hi all:

How are you this evening?  Sorry for the lack of writing.  I have been involved in a lot of behind the scenes book promotion and often am glued to the phone.

Please don’t forget to help former Airplane member Signe Anderson with anything you can.  She is fighting cancer and a financial mess.

What did you think of the Jefferson Starship only getting 1 song televised Saturday in certain markets?  For example in New York City of all places the viewers got to see “Somebody To Love” but didn’t even know they played “Volunteers.”  The producers have to realize that people aren’t in the crowd and watching to hear endless babble from those that didn’t appear to be very 60’s savy.

The Jefferson Starship let well known NBC personality Lester Holt play bass for the 2 songs.  Regular drummer Prairie Prince is not available for this tour.  You then usually see (And will) Donny Baldwin.  For the Saturday gig it was Mike Scioto.  He did a tremendous job.

A reminder that as the Jefferson Starship summer tour continues in a town near you, some of the events will have a friend and great person Tom Constanten (One time of the Grateful Dead).  Hope you can check out a show or two.

An Aircast may be within a day or two.

Be well and thanks for your support,