Please join me your host for the Jefferson aircast (#18) this week Craig Fenton as we unlock a great unreleased Airplane gem from 40 years ago, give some Jefferson Starship info and whatever else I could think of. As the author of the Jefferson Airplane book “Take Me To A Circus Tent” it is always a pleasure to present the weekly Aircast. Thanks for your support and enjoy the treasure below. JEFFERSON AIRPLANE-1/8/67 WEBSTER HALL, NEW YORK CITY  (JORMA/JACK/GRACE/MARTY/PAUL/SPENCER) FIRST SHOW FOR THEM IN NEW YORK CITY.  THIS WAS BILLED AS A PRESS PARTY & SHOWCASE.  THE QUALITY IS ROUGH but this could not be passed over for those that haven’t heard the performance.    EAST WEST (JAM) 17:31* NOT ON ANY “AIRPLANE FAMILY” RELEASE.W/MIKE BLOOMFIELD GUITAR & MARK NAFTALIN KEYBOARDS FROM THE BUTTERFIELD BLUES BAND.