Hi all Airplaners:

If I did not do this already, I must thank a million times Donald Grossinger and the staff at WBAI radio in New York City for affording me 75 minutes this past Saturday night.  Originally it was going to be an hour but Donald was fantastic, as he let me talk about the book “Take Me To A Circus Tent” and the rare Jefferson Airplane material he played for the fine listeners.  Thank you so much Donald!  From the day the book was finished I made a pledge that if a radio station/TV station/newspaper or magazine is kind enough to think of me, I can always find the time.    The contact information is on the website.

Hope you are doing great this morning.  I had a nice request to add another rare Herb Greene Airplane photo to the website.  I thought why stop at one.  There are 5 goodies for you to enjoy.  The total is over 60 at this point!

If you fly on by to http://www.takemetoacircustent.net as always the photos will be in the Airshow Section #3 at the bottom.  There is a list of all the gems on the site as well.

A new Aircast is possible in the next few days.  Do you fine folks have any musical suggestions for it?  Keep the Airmails coming.  Thanks as always for your support.

One of the fans that checked out the Jefferson Starship gig in Northampton, Massachusetts recently put 5 songs on You Tube.  It was a cool show because Marty Balin was there with Paul and the rest of the band.

Speaking of Marty (solo) he should have some east coast shows next month.

I’ll close and ask again if you could please help Signe Anderson’s medical expenses it is appreciated greatly.  Even 1.oo per person would make a world of difference.

Have a great flight and be well always,