Hello there from Airplane Land:

How is the day going?  Weather is fantastic here.  I hate to think the summer moves as fast as it does.

Wanted to give a quick update.  As you are aware the latest Jefferson Aircast was done a couple of days ago with a cool Beatles cover.  You can enjoy it here or at the website http://www.takemetoacircustent.net under the Aircast Section.

I am hoping to contact Marty Balin this week.  A fast hello and to find out if any of the projects he has been thinking about are realistic for summer/fall.

Marty has 2 days of shows with Hot Tuna in Florida this week.  Wouldn’t it be tremendous if he could sit in for a song or two, or three…

In the early days of Hot Tuna he was a part of the set they would play on stage.  One of the tunes they performed “Drifting” (Also known as “Drifting Around”) he recorded on the album with Bodacious DF.

I’ll keep you updated for sure.

Enjoy the day and the music of the past,

Craig The Airplane Man