Spencer Dryden rare 66- Thanks Herb GreeneJorma 66               Hello All Airplaners:

Thank you for the nice Airmails how much you enjoyed the version of “Key To The Highway” with Jorma, Jack, Jerry, Mickey, Steve Miller, Elvin Bishop, and Will Scarlett.

How is the day going?  Need a bit of a smile?  Here you go!  From the Craig The Airplane Man vaults- Spencer Dryden and Jorma rare shots from 66.  Thank you Herb Greene.  Although the book I wrote “Take Me To A Circus Tent” has 93 photos and many rare ones, there would not have been enough space to use all the great pictures.  Enjoy these!

Click please on the thumbnail of Spencer and the Word “Jorma” and they will become full sized Airplanes.

Working on the Aircast we talked about that was suggested from a great fan in the U.K.  Look for that within a few days.

Have a great night and talk withyou Friday.

All the best,

Airplane Man