Marty Balin circa 66 photo 1. Thanks Herb Greene.

Marty Balin- circa 66 photo 2, thanks Herb Greene.Marty Balin from circa 66 Herb Greene

Hello and happy Sunday.

As you know all week it was time to celebrate the 25th Aircast built around the Jefferson Airplane book “Take Me To A Circus Tent.”  The gifts have been all for you fine folks.  They have included bonus music and rare photos.  We are still at it.

By request 2 rare Marty Balin shots from circa 66.  Thank you Herb Greene (Always with permission).   Please click on the words “Marty Balin” and the photos become the size of real Airplanes! Enjoy the treasures and please keep visiting the website and the blog for all things Jefferson.

Have a super Sunday,

Craig Fenton