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Hello there Airplane/Starship and Great Society fans.

How was the weekend?  I was happy and surprised the Yankees got 3 out of 4 from Detroit.  Seattle never loses!

I came across tonight two more rare Great Society photos and I thought I would share.  One is a thumnail to click and the other a link.  Once you do that they become the size of an Airplane.  Thanks! They are from Herb Greene circa 66 and the line-up went like this:

Grace Slick

Jerry Slick

David Miner

Bard Dupont

Darby Slick

There would be a time when Bard is replaced and David leaves.  I will look for these photos in coming days.

If you haven’t already pick up the 2 Great Society live CD’s and the studio that has the single and all the unreleased material “Born To Be Burned.”  They were a solid band not only because Grace was there but the music had energy and an edge as well as diversification.  The 66 Matrix shows were more then a prelude of what was to come.  The Great Society could have been proud of their material if Grace retired before the Airplane.

Have a suggestion for a future Jefferson Airplane Aircast?  Never be shy.  I have tried to fit the requests in and am always happy to read the Airmails.

Anything going on for this week?

Have a terrific Monday and feel so good,