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Hello again and welcome to Friday afternoon.

So you need the slightest push to get you through the next few hours before the weekend.  How about this one from the vaults of the author of the Jefferson Airplane book “Take Me To A Circus Tent.”  The Allman Brothers on video from the:

Fillmore East, New York City on September 23, 1970. Here is Part 1 and 2 of “In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed.”  Yes with Duane.

When the concert opened legendary promoter Bill Graham did the intro.  This was originally filmed to be part of a Public Broadcasting TV Special.  Sit back and say hello to our  friends from Macon, Georgia.

Please don’t forget the cool clip of Marty Balin and Slick playing a Jefferson Airplane classic that I posted several hours ago.

Have a great weekend and I’ll try to be back with another one from the vault Saturday.

All the best,

Starving Author

Craig Fenton