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Hello again and welcome back my friends to the rarities that never end:

How did Friday go for you?  Hope the weekend began nicely.

A mutual friend forwarded me an Airmail from Signe Anderson. Things are very rough right now.  It did not include the new contact information or I would have called her to update us all.  Let us hope she has a better road real soon.  For those that have asked about her a large Thank You from Signe and myself.

I promised something interesting and thought you may enjoy this video:

As you watch the cool cover from the Airplane Man’s private seats (The Deal (Part 1 & 2) please support the nice but very poor and starving author of the new Jefferson Airplane book “Take Me To A Circus Tent” W/93 photos, 32 interviews, and 5 star reviews!! Thanks.From VooDoo Lounge, Harrah’s Casino, St.Louis, Missouri March 15, 07

the Jefferson Starship cover one by an old friend.   David Freiberg was a long time friend of Jerry and it was nice when this showed up time to time in the J.S. stage show.  For Jerry Garcia “The Deal.”

The players on that night were:

Paul Kantner guitar & vocals

David Freiberg vocals

Diana Mangano vocals

Slick Aguilar lead guitar & vocals

Prairie Prince drums

Chris Smith keyboards

Watch it a time or two or three and thanks for flying by. Have a great Saturday,

craig the airplane man