Hello and welcome to Sunday.

Before we get to the star of the flight (Jack and Jimi from the Airplane Man’s time machine) I wanted to apologize for any difficulty any of you fine folks had the past 24 hours or so being able to land on the Airplane Man’s Word Press Airfield. There obviously was some technical glitch on the site (Not only my portion of the Airfield) and either it took so long to connect you could end up celebrating eight more birthdays or the connection would time out. This is the first time in 1 year or so that I have experienced any trouble on the site and considering how many people they have to make happy they have done a great job.  Hopefully this is very isolated and we are able to enjoy the Airplane Man’s journey to the Rock & Roll Time Machine.  This morning we get an early start with: Jack Casady W/Jimi Hendrix- “Hey Joe” from Winterland, 10/10/68 in San Francisco, California. An audio gem for sure but as an added bonus for you we throw in amazing Herb Greene photos circa 1966 from the Jefferson Airplane. For my book on the Airplane “Take Me To A Circus Tent”Herb supplied a myriad of photos and here is an opportunity to enjoy some that did not make it to the book.  Also thanks to the great shot of the Jefferson Airplane Mansion by the legendary rock and roll photographer for 40 years Don Aters! Listen a few times to soak up the genius as Airplane Bass Meets Jimi Guitar. I’ll try to post another Jimi and Jack if you enjoy this one! A reminder please that while you enjoy Jimi and Jack please check out the numerous updates from the vaults the past couple of weeks.All you do is look to the right and it will have the past several listed for you.  If you still don’t see what you seek please click on the Month and all the updates will display.  These include 2 Allman Brothers videos live with Duane, a nice Jefferson Starship tribute to Jerry Garcia, a video from the final Airplane reunion of 89,Tom Constanten’s tremendous version of “Cold Rain & Snow” andall the recent Jefferson Aircasts with rarities on top of rarities! Thanks for flying by please spread the word and be well.  

All the best,