Hello and welcome to Tuesday in Airplane land:

How are you this morning?  There is a goody from the vault.  The Airplane with Friend the late great Nicky Hopkins on keyboards and never forgetting the late great group member Spencer Dryden.

From Dick Cavett August 18, 69 for playback the next day, the Airplane “We Can Be Together” w/cool guest Nicky Hopkins. We miss you Spencer, and Nicky!   Mr. Hopkins played with the Airplane at Woodstock and stayed 1 more day to perform on the Dick Cavett taping.

Check out a couple of things.  Joni Mitchell is sitting with Dick Cavett and she seems to enjoy the Airplane’s music and Grace has mentioned over the years when she has trouble hearing she’ll cup her hand near her ear.  In the early portion of the tune she clearly will search for a better stage sound.

I’ve been a Yankee fanatic since 1967.  In my younger days I would hide a small radio under the pillow so I could hear the west coast games.  You never get used to losing.  Mike Mussina has decided he would like an E.R.A. over 6.  For you non baseball fans a starting pitcher in the American League could be considered doing their job with an E.R.A. around 3.50.  E.R.A. means earned run average.  It is how many runs the pitcher is responsible per game.  The term earned is used because if a player makes an error they may end up giving the other team a run that isn’t earned against the pitcher. 

Hope your baseball team is better than mine!

Have a great day and always check back for the rarities.  The latest Aircast was posted yesterday and it has the remaining tunes from the Jam with Garcia, Hart, Jorma, Jack and friends from 1968!  There is about 25 minutes of music for you!

Be well always,