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August 18, 89 The Jefferson Airplane takes the stage for the first time since 9/22/72 Winterland, San Francisco.  On the opening night of the reunion tour as the final encore the Airplane pulls out of the flight cabin “The Other Side Of This Life.”  Written by Freddie Neil, the J.A. last played the song August 12, 72 at Roosevelt Raceway, Westbury, New York.  No other 1989 show would see this in the set list!  Enjoy a treasure from the Air Machine.  Click please the above link and you’ll be back to 1989.


Sorry if any of you on board had trouble with this the past 48 hours.  The Air Staff worked on the flight and here you go!    It is the terrific cover of “Show Me The Way To Go Home” from Paul Kantner’s Wooden Ships.  As mentioned previously Emerson, Lake, & Palmer performed a terrific version as well.  Below is the way to board the flight and hear the tune!  Thanks!


A very large thanks to you fine people.  Thursday, August 30th, 2007 was the highest views the Airplane Man’s Blog has received!  The Grateful Dead fans helped out.  It is appreciated!  Thanks to all.


Remember to check the complete contents of the Flight Blog on the right side ofthe page please.  This week alone we had Allman Brothers rarities, Paul Kantner with Crosby, Stills, and Nash, a member of Cream and ELP and Tull playing a Beatles tune, 6 terrific Jefferson Starship songs from the vaults and much more!


It was a terrific surprise the Yankees got 3 games from the Red Sox.  What hurts is still being 5 out with only 1 month left.  The Yanks April and May caused all the problems they are attempting to overcome.  The only blame is in the mirror.


Have a great Friday and I’ll try to find some great Jack Casady photos from 66 for you in the next 24 hours.


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