Hello from Airplane Land:

Welcome to Saturday morning!  Is the holiday going well?

Here is a cool Aircast for you!

Marty Balin Trio- W/Slick Aguilar, & 

Chris Smith:

The Pioneer Theatre. Milford, Iowa ,August 15th of 2002  

Soundcheck-few seconds excerpts from Paul McCartney’s

“Live And Let Die”

Let the show begin:


Comin’ Back To Me

 Road Fever- what a gem from the vaults.  It isn’t the terrific tune by Foghat, but from Marty Balin’s time when he helped Grootna in 1972 penned by 2 of the band members. 

Somebody To Love*  

Plastic Fantastic Lover*

Jefferson Starship guitar tech Mark (Snarky) helps out on songs with*


Please be safe on the roads and have a great weekend,