Hello there and welcome to Sunday afternoon:

Today is a big Summer Of Love show at Golden Gate Park, in the great city by the bay.  The bands are limited in time.  This will make the set lists interesting.  If it goes as planned any group can not go over 15 minutes!

 Jefferson Starship “Good Shepherd” The Brook, Southampton, UK,

How are things going?  Hope the weather is as nice as it is here in the Airplane Field.  Today a fun one from the vaults.  This gig Jefferson Starship “Good Shepherd” The Brook, Southampton, UK, the 27th of May, 2005.

In the band Paul Kantner, David Freiberg, Slick Aguilar, Chris Smith, and Prarie Prince.  Diana Mangano was not at this show.  In the Airplane days Jorma Kaukonen would sing “Good Shepherd” all the time but once! 

For those of you not away at this moment another bonus rarity from the Airplane Man’s vault.  Don’t forget the book is “Take Me To A Circus Tent” (The Jefferson Airplane Flight Manual).

If you like this tune I can add another one from the same gig later on.  See what you think.  The flight boards now.  This way to Flight JA.

Thanks for flying with me and be safe,