Hi again from the Airfield: Welcome to the final portion of our 3 part combination audio/slide show with 3 Airplane members playing the classics!  If you click the link above you will be able to enjoy a nice journey by the magic of the Airplane Machine. Please make sure to check out the post about Signe Anderson needing our help.  Rarities are a great thing!  Believe me I enjoy promoting “Take Me To A Circus Tent.”  I worked 15 hours Friday and eastern time I am writing this at 2AM. It is always fun.  When a friend is sick we have to get serious. 

Helping Signe is a must!  Thanks. 

Part 3 is now ready to board.  May I point you to gate JA?  Thanks. 


Kantner, Balin, & Casady (KBC) from Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, California June 22, 85 Part 3 play

 “It’s No Secret” and “Plastic Fantastic Lover”

Summer in San Francisco, doesn’t get much better. 

Keep checking the posts to the right and the Monthly Archives because there is enough material to keep the tunes playing from here to the Moon. 

If all goes well a cool video gem next time around.

 Have a great Sunday morning,

              craig fenton