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Hello from the Airplane Field: Hi there says the flight crew.  How is the holiday going? 

Yes we seem to be open 24 hours, even holidays.  Thanks for such a great response to the Beatles video (“Rock & Roll Music”) and the Jack Casady rare photos found: 


why not repeat the repeat with not a repeat but more Beatles and Casady for you! 


Beatles are above

Casady would be at the top of the page. 

Thanks to Don Aters and Herb Greene.

 As you enjoy the gem from the Beatles-Circus Krone, Munich, Germany June 24,1966 (“I Feel Fine” from German TV) please remember the new Jefferson Airplane book “Take Me To A Circus Tent” W/5 STAR REVIEWS!     

If you relax for a bit I’ll try to have Part 2 of 3 for you from the cool show with 3 Airplane members playing classic tunes. 

See you soon and thanks for flying by,