Hello and welcome to the evening flight for “Take Me To A Circus Tent”: Anything good on the grill?  How is the day going? Climb aboard the flight is free as we head to the marvellous U.K. by request from Holly in Rhode Island.  October 29, 2002, Newcastle Opera House, Newcastle, U.K.  I am sorry if I told anyone that has a ticket it was the 27th in Southampton at The Brook from 2005!  I can’t read my own notes!  My error!!! 

Greasy Heart

Wild Tyme

Young Girl Sunday Blues 

Featuring: Marty and Paul as well as the great Diana Mangano, Slick Aguilar, Chris Smith, and Prarie Prince.   A bonus for you from me the Airplane Man, as the hits keep coming!

 Enjoy and be well,