Hello again:

I promised an update on Signe Anderson (Fighting cancer and a myriad of financial troubles)  and there is one if you please click the link above.  You will notice a couple of things please.  In this post and on the audio clip there are no plugs for me or the normal rarities for you.  The cool music will be coming in another post.  I would never use the suffering of a friend as an excuse to plug anything.  Thanks!

My mom passed away from cancer and I don’t want the same result for Signe.  Losing mom in 2003 and dad in 2007 were awful enough.

The audio will have ways to help Signe from the Jefferson Airplane and Jefferson Starship sites.  Even 1.00 means a lot.  Could you imagine if every person connected with Word Press sent 50 cents.  Signe medical bills would be paid in full.

I was surprised when I first started to nlog I couldn’t upload audio files.  Everything had to be a link.  I only point that out because if ever I am a bit behind schedule it is only waiting to upload somewhere else, save the new information, log out and log in here.

Back soon with the music but this is far more important because it is a friend.

Thanks and be well,