9/3/07: Hello again.  I promised to be back with a gem from the vault.  Here we go! 

Welcome to Aircast #30.  Hope you are doing great! Recreating the Jefferson Starship set from yesterdays festival in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, California.   

 Somebody To Love

Won’t You Try/Saturday Afternoon

White Rabbit 

May 19th of 1967- Men’s State Polytechnic College San Luis Obispo, California

Since “Volunteers” wasn’t around in 67, how about a rare version for you!  Volunteers- Recorded March 28 through June 30 of 69 Wally Heider Studios, San Francisco, California (Take 18).  Best available!  Both channels with equal levels and less hiss!  Thanks to Paul Kantner for 42 years!  

Don’t forget the book is “Take Me To A Circus Tent The Jefferson Airplane Flight Manual”


Be well and safe on the roads,