Hello and welcome to Tuesday: 

How did the holiday weekend go?  I hope great and safe.  The rarities keep coming! Remember to check the right side of the page for some of the recent updates.  For example Aircast 30 was a goody! 

Right now Flight JA boards this way: 

May 19th of 1967- Men’s State Polytechnic College,

San Luis Obispo, California. 

The Ballad Of You & Me & Pooneil- 1st ever live appearance.  A bit

larger than the studio version! 

Enjoy the flight in the Air Machine. 

Since April of 1967 I have been a Yankee fan.  Once again Monday they decided to not show up.  Never mind Seattle had lost 9 in a row (After playing great ball).  I was thinking how brutal it would be to write a blog about the Yanks.  It is bad enough living through the 3 hours of pain on a daily basis but then it would  be replayed when you put the words to the internet.  

Enjoy the tunes and thanks for flying by,

craig fenton