Hi there and welcome to Wednesday:


How you feel today?  How about a rare video for you fine flyers?

Washington, D.C. October 7, 89 (Last reunion gig and last song played “Volunteers”) .

I hope you checked out the latest aircast #321 dedicated to Darby Gould of Jefferson Starship fame.  The launching of her website was big news and we paid homage to the nice lady!

Maybe this evening I could find more rare Herb Greene photos to post for our flight.  I’ll check the vaults and see if there would be something cool from the Jefferson Airplane 1966.

It is amazing the constant technical mishaps that go on each day in the Internet Universe.  Last week I couldn’t get into my own website to let the fine flyers know about the updates because AT& T had a nationwide situation.  Today I can’t get into any Yahoo services.  Brutal!

Have a great day and please keep the nice suggestions flowing for future Aircasts.

I’ll see you a bit later at the Airplane Field.

Be well,