Hid did Thursday go?  Hope the weather was as nice for you as it is here in Airplane Land. 

Another bonus for flying with the Airplaneman. 

Buckle up and enjoy.  

2/18/06 Penn’s Peak, Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania the Jefferson Starship: 

These folks were on all or some of the tunes that night:

Paul Kantner guitar & vocals

David Freiberg vocals

Diana Mangano vocals

Darby Gould vocals

Linda Imperial vocals

Slick Aguilar lead guitar & vocals

Prairie Prince drums

Chris Smith keyboards  

Rock Me Baby (Linda Imperial the wife of David Freiberg takes the spotlight)

Let’s Get Together 

I’ll try to find another goody from the rock vaults later on.  Please always check out the previous posts to the right of the page and in the Archive Section. 

Thanks and be well,