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 Grace Slick 1

Friday September 7, 2007: Hello there from Airplane Land. I am sure you were wondering since the Airplane Man updates the Blog/Website so often will he have a goody for Friday morning? The answer is yes but…….. 

The web non-host I use for the 3rd time this week has decided to not let me be able

to update. Last week it was on AT & T.  Now there is no excuse. What is worse is they have a Top 5 Customer Satisfaction Rating.  I would like to know how this is possible.  They don’t have 24 hour Tech support and no longer have the on-line chat with a tech. While I had a great bonus Aircast for you, it must wait.  I didn’t come empty handed.  Enjoy 4 rare photos from Herb Greene.  Please click on the links above.  Two are Grace and 1 is the band with Signe, and the other band with Grace.  Really nice from the vaults. Thanks for being patient.  I have to wait until the web lack of host decides to reopen much later! 

Have a great weekend