Hello and welcome to Monday.   

How was the weekend? 

Great weather here and the Yankees played inspired baseball. 

It seems that the first Jefferson Starship video from about 24 hours ago (“Martha”) was well received. 

Here is another one that shows terrific energy.  Diana Mangano sings her heart out. 

It’s the Airplane’s :

“Eskimo Blue Day” for you. We go back to the famed Cavern Club, Liverpool, England.  As you walk by and see the names on the bricks such as John, Paul, George, Ringo, and Eric, Jack, and Ginger, you’ll know you are at a special place.  March 23, 2004.  The band is ready. 

There should be some nice surprises Monday afternoon/evening.  A hint?  Alright.  How about 2 great Beatle covers that you’ll want to hear over and over! 

I want to thank the site

because over the past 48 hours many

Airplane fans have found there way

to the blog and website. 

Have a great day and see

you on the next flight soon,