Jefferson Starship lands at the Fitzgerald Theater,

 Saint Paul, Minnesota on the 3rd of March 2006: 

Sunrise >

Have You Seen The Stars Tonite >

Starship Let’s Get Together

 Hello from the Airplane tent.  What’s new?  Hope the day went well. 

Back as promised with a bonus of a bonus of a bonus with a bonus Aircast.  There is a smorgasbord of great material from this gig.  Let us sink out teeth into a couple of tracks.  If we want to be technical 4 songs really. 

Producer Plastic Fantastic Pete decides to not put a light on in the studio.  He was the one that walked into a wall.  Don’t worry the wall is fine.  Thanks for asking. 

Have a great evening and I’ll see you on a return journey in the not too distant future. 

Keep checking the blog and website all the time for


I think it’s Yankee baseball time. 

Be well,