Hello again on the early morning flight: 

Wanted to check in before it is time to refuel the plane. 

If all goes well –

Friday afternoon sometime please look for

a great Jefferson Airplane video treasure.   

Hint?  Think about 40 years old, not commonly seen, not Dick Cavett, not the

typical version of the song, seen around the USA, a famous place, and terrific any

day or night. 

Maybe it would be cool to post the video and audio.  Anyway look forward to a gem

from the Rock Tent and I wish you a great day. 

Thanks for the support.  Please continue to spread the word on the book, website,

blog, and Podcast.  This way I know somebody is listening. 

When I had my 3rd radio job I got the feeling there were more cows tuning in than

people.  That isn’t a bad thing but they didn’t let the cows fill out the Arbitron


Have a great day,