Hello again from the Airplane Hanger: 

It’s early Saturday and the pilot is ready.  Please fasten the safety belt.  Direction?  How about here- 

11/16/68 Electric Factory,Philadelphia, PA 

Philly Jam 

Some cool sounds for the weekend.  Let the J.A. provide the entertainment. 

Please keep the musical suggestions coming.  I don’t prerecord a bunch of Aircasts.  If an Airmail is intriguing, it’s my pleasure to play the request for the fine flyers.

The Yankees comeback last night in Boston was tremendous.  It was the first time since May 1955 while playing in Fenway Park they won a game trailing by 5 or more runs. The only negative is because of some loses in the past 2 weeks to lesser teams and 2 solid Red Sox come from behind wins over Tampa Bay, if the Yanks don’t sweep the series the division title will go to Boston.

Enjoy the day,