Jefferson Starship circling around the Fitzgerald Theater, Saint Paul, Minnesotaon the 3rd of March 2006: 

Fast Buck Freddie


Hello again on Friday: 

Promised to come back with some rock and roll from the Airplane Family and here we

go! Thanks for the numerous Airmails in the past several hours about the Airplane video

from Ed Sullivan.  My pleasure.  I made a promise when “Take Me To A Circus Tent”

came out if you would be kind enough to support the book and spread the word about

the website and blog, I would be honored to host the Aircast and give as many gems

from the vault as possible. 

Listen to “Fast Buck Freddie” a FEW

TIMES to fully absorb the really nice vocal

rendition from Diana Mangano.  Well done!  

Back to the Yankees.  Yes they are

losing(No surprise).  

I’ll head to the Rock Tent and put together

a goody for Saturday.  Check back often

because the updates can occur at any  

Jefferson time. 

All the best,