Hello from the Airplane Tower: 

How are things going?  Since the largest number of new passengers came aboard this week for both the blog and the Aircast (Thank you so much!) I wanted to let everyone know how easy it is to never miss a note or a word from the Airplane World.  With many Aircasts and bonus Aircasts as well as frequent blog updates if you please click the above link, it gives all the information.  Please don’t think if you are first flying with us this week you can’t relive the past.  Through the magic of Aircasting you can catch up on all the old flights. There should be a really cool Allman Brothers video from the early 70’s later on today. Have a great night.  I’ll take a break so the plane can get refueled. Once again the support of the book, Aircast, and blog is greatly appreciated. 

All the best,