You can please click here:   http://www.takemetoacircustent.net/media/JeffersonAirplaneTakeMeToACircusTentJefersonAircast33.mp3  

How are things going this evening?  I have been battling (Not

well) a scratchy throat but the Aircast #33 1/3 must go on!  Please

forgive the voice being strained.  It doesn’t help when producer

Plastic Fantastic Pete reminds me of this 1,000 times.  He also

had to procure the worst throat lozenges ever developed in the

Airplane Universe. 

Welcome to the Rock Tent and

Aircast #33 1/3.  This is tremendous

if you have not previously been

exposed to Mr. Jerry Garcia

helping out, there is also:  


Wally Heider’s Studio, San Francisco, California  

Instrumental Blues Jam 1972 Wally Heider’s Studio Trial By Fire #3 (Instrumental) 1972  

Wally Heider’s Studio W/JERRY GARCIA  

Eat Starch Mom (Instrumental) 1972  Wally Heider’s Studio  

The Jam is worth a few listens!  Hope you enjoy the journey back in time and our flight. I am looking through some more photos for you fineflyers from the massive Herb Greene collection. 

Always be well,


P.S.:  Obviously no mention of the Yankee game!!!