Hello from Airplane Land: 

Welcome to Sunday night and hope you are doing well! 

If you click the above link you can journey back with me to 1993 for a couple

of Airplane classics with 4 Jefferson Parts.    Notice there isn’t a female

here.  Diana was getting ready to board the flight soon.  

October 2, 1993 Alfred University, Alfred New York


Paul Kantner- guitar, vocals

Marty Balin- vocals

Jack Casady- bass

Papa John Creach- fiddle & vocals

(Plays on some of the concert)

Slick Aguilar- lead guitar & vocals

Tim Gorman- PrairiePrince- drums 

Crown of Creation    

She Has Funny Cars Maybe later some rare Allman Brothers for you fine folks. Thanks as always and please check out the funny story that happened today in the Aircast.  

Have a great evening,