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Hello and welcome to a cool Sunday.  How are you doing?  If the above link was hard to open, I am real sorry.  I tried it before and it was fine.  It has been fixed as of September 17, 2007 1:29AM Eastern Airplane Time.

All sorts of treasures for you fine folks today. Please fly here for a super super super rare photo from the  Monterey Jazz Festival-September 3, 66 of Jorma and Paul.  Thanks  Herb Greene. 

There is a Great Society picture of Grace and Jerry  Slick 1966 also from Herb, and the tremendous Don Aters comes  through again with a larger shot of DavidFreiberg. 

Would you like to see some Allman Brothers video from 1973? Alright you talked me into it.  Please fly here:

 Allman Brothers-Grand Opera House “Midnight Rider” from Macon, Georgia (September 10, 73) 

I’ve been able to discover even more photos and Allman’s music.   

Obviously there always will be Jefferson goodies!  

Thanks for flying by and I’ll go back to the Rock Tent now and  check for more rarities.   

Please no mention of the Yankees performance Saturday!        

Large thank you to Janis from Peace & Love for calling the Airplane Tower the second the link went bad!  Thanks so much!  

Always be well,