Paul Kantner, Grace Slick & Jack Traylor –

I Wish I Was In Bolinas Tonight

10/27/70 Wally Heider’s Studio   

Hello from Airplane Land: 

As I board the flight it is about 100 below zero and that is with the heat on. 

They call this summer.   

How are you this afternoon?  A really nice gem from the Rock Tent Vault.  We fly back to 1970 and hear Jack Traylor with a couple of Airplane parts called Paul and Grace.  Jack had a large hand in helping the Airplane Family.  He has been friends with Paul Kantner since 1961 and gave him some guitar lessons in the early 60’s.  His band Steelwind featured a young Craig Chaquico (Still in High School).  I also mention in the bonus Aircast besides Airplane family members the musician that was the most professional to Steelwind of all the bands/performers they opened for.  The answer surprised me greatly.

 The tune you’ll hear is not only cool for being a rarity but it is a solid tune.  Hope you like it. I have to take care of a couple of things.  The first getting the ice off my hands.  After that I promise to go to the Rock Tent Vault and see what goodies can be given to you for the next update. 

Thanks so much for flying by and have a great afternoon, 

Craig “The Airplane Man” Fenton